What we do

Basic Need Drives

  • Menstrual Items

  • Hygiene Items 

  • Diapers 

  • Garden Tools 

  • Clothing collections

  • Farm to Table food drive 

WHat is the GArden Program? 

Fresh food and mental health go hand in hand.


Potluck will be raising money and collecting used gardening tools to supply local youth with a home vegetable garden that is set up perfect for a beginner. 


We hope to encourage a younger crowd to embrace the mental clarity that comes from a personal garden while providing knowledge on sustainable gardening, soil composition, healthy water, and composting.


Our goal is to operate this program with support from local farmers who want to help the community source their own fresh foods and understand the importance of teaching our future growers about conscious gardening.

WHat is a Therapy Scholarship?

Ever heard of a school scholarship? Well.. It's the same but for therapy. We believe tools for your emotional shed are FUNDAMENTAL. 

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